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The People in Your Neighborhood

Into the Midst of Midcity

Took a first step into the world of the Mid-City community when Mark Seldis of Ghost Road and I attended a meeting of the Mid-City Recovery Redevelopment Project Area Committee at the 10th Council District field office on Western. Sun Chips, Doritos and cookies were generously provided for the forty-some people on attendance. Mark and I introduced ourselves during the “community participation” portion of the evening and gave a quick overview of our plans for an arts complex / performance lab. We invited people to talk to us afterwards if they wanted to hear more. We met several nice people with some leads on spaces and particular locations to explore. I was impressed by the committee’s dedication to monitoring the CRA’s activities and ensuring the betterment of their neighborhoods. As it turns out, people (even government employees) really do care about the best interests of the city and te people who live there.