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Upcoming Pop-Up Concert

The Way-Down-Lows rehearsing

The Way-Down-Lows rehearsing on the Popwagon

On Saturday, June 3 at 8PM, the Popwagon will be making an impromptu appearance with our first-ever pop-up concert. We’ll be parked somewhere on the 8800 block of Washington in Culver City. Listen for the acoustic stylings of Hard Sun and the melodious twangings of The-Way-Down-Lows.

Here’s an idea: Hop on the Expo Line and take it to the brand new Culver City stop. Head West on Washington and enjoy some spontaneous music under the streetlights.

For updates on this fancy event, follow along on Twitter @TradeCityLA.

Royal/T is Closing

Sad to say, one of our favorite art spaces is closing its doors next month. For five years, Royal/T Café in Culver City served up tasty food, and colorful art events in its hybrid café-gallery-performance-retail space. The curators presented work by prestigious artists in a casual, playful setting, offering an alternative to the typical white-walled, somber gallery.
If you’ve never paid a visit, there’s still time. Stop in for lunch, or come to their Greatest Hits Party on Saturday, June 30.

Let’s Go Solar

At the Popwagon ribbon cutting, we had the pleasure of working with solar-powered DJ Chris Gee of the Sycons (the DJs of the Sun). When he took a look at the loud, gas-drenched generator we were using to power our sound system, he immediately suggested a few ways we could outfit the Popwagon for a sustainable future.

The thought of using solar power had crossed my mind at one point a while back. However, as an unwitting victim of the massive anti-solar disinformation conspiracy, I had assumed that any alternative to fossil fuel consumption was a hippie pipe-dream affordable only to Ed Begley, Jr.

As it turns out, we’ll be able to power an events-worth of lights, sound, and media equipment using a couple of portable power packs charged by two solar panels. And it’ll only cost $2500. Pretty stellar. Now if we can just dig up $2500…

The Radically Open Museum

Arts blogger and museumist Sue Bell Yank wrote a great post about some strategies museums are using to keep up with the changing times.

The winds are shifting, and museums of all kinds are reacting—sometimes fundamentally shifting their missions and structures in response, calling into question what comprises the boundaries of the institution.

Later on, she mentions the Popwagon as an example of a “decentralized museum.” I never quite thought of it that way, but maybe it’s time to start.

Check out the article and other thought-provoking museum-musings at Social Practice – writings about the social in contemporary art.

On the Radio

Just as I was about to raise the stage after our grand opening downtown, I was approached by a jolly woman saying “Wait wait!” The woman turned out to be Shirley Jahad – KPCC reporter and host of Weekend Edition. She had heard about the Popwagon from board member Reza Safai and was intrigued enough to chase us down to get the story. She proceeded to ask some interesting questions about the Popwagon and its role in society, then went on her merry way.

A few weeks later, a friend called to tell us he heard us on the radio. You can play the audio here, or get the full story at the KPCC website.

On an odd side note , the story aired on the same day that Donna Summer died. All day, stations were playing her song “On the Radio.”