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Exquisite E Pluribus Unum

On Friday 11/2 and Thursday 11/3, video artist Michael Richison will present an election-related piece that re-mixes and re-contextualizes the talking heads and talking points we’ve all been subjected over the past months.

The piece will be shown aboard the Popwagon in Venice.
On, Friday evening, at around 6, We’ll be in the vicinity of Abbott Kinney for First Fridays.
On Saturday night, starting at 6 we’ll be cruising around 1916 Lincoln Blvd., then making a stop at the Electric Lodge (1416 Electric Ave)

From the artist:
Exquisite E Pluribus Unum, is equal parts VJ performance, non-partisan political rally, art performance, improvised sound bed and video installation. The title of this performance comes from two places. The first is exquisite corpse, a collaborative game that was originally played by surrealist painters and poets, and e pluribus unum, one of several slogans used by the United States meaning “one out of many.” The two parts of the title are an appropriate description of the process, as the piece endeavors to capture the spirit of exquisite corpse in both its visual and linguistic components. Through the manipulation of the videos, the imagery and language are re-edited and abstracted, often with humorous and unexpected results.