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Trade City has had various incarnations. We started off as a traveling theatre troupe. Then, for several years, we operated an art space at 828 Pico in Santa Monica where we held some exciting art events and produced quite a few interesting plays. After that, we staged some events at various venues throughout L.A. We then took a break for a few years to pursue some other interests, and now we’ve decided to drive around the city and present our art on a mobile stage.

In all our endeavors, we’ve always tried to uphold this mission:

  • To create art that challenges perceptions, crosses boundaries, and blurs definitions.
  • To re-define the context in which art is commonly viewed.
  • To cultivate an environment of encouragement and informed criticism.
  • To amplify the voice of the underdog, the outsider, the under-represented, and the disenfranchised.
  • To provide inexpensive opportunities for emerging artists and members of the community to create, view, and participate in a variety of ground-breaking artistic endeavors.

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