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Call for artists and volunteers

Hey Los Angeles artists!

We’ve started planning our first season of programming for the Popwagon. We really want to make this a community-driven project and a”vehicle” for all the great ideas zooming around in the minds of our fellow Angelenos. If you’ve got an idea for a project that would work well in a 20′x 8′ mobile space, fill out the submission form, and we’ll do our best to figure out a way to bring it to the public.

Hey volunteers!

We’re going to need some help getting the Popwagon rolling. If you’ve got some special skills, or if you’re an enthusiastic, helpful kind of person, we’d love your help. Introduce yourself by filling out the submission form.

No matter what, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date.

Popwagon Fact Sheet

Interesting Things Appear Here

Everything you could ever want to know about our fancy new mobile stage…



WIDTH: 8.5′ closed / 17′ open


WEIGHT: 3500 lbs

POWER: External generator (3500 watts max.)

EQUIPMENT: A full suite of lighting, sound and video equipment is available.

HOW IT WORKS: The side door is supported by two cables attached to winches and lowered using exterior winch controls. The door/floor can be used with the cables attached, or else three jacks can be placed in position to bear the weight when the cables are removed. The floor can also be lowered to ground level to act as a ramp.

SETUP TIME: Less than five minutes to park, detach the tow vehicle, and lower the stage.

BUILT: January 2012

Meet the Popwagon

The Trade City Popwagon

Rather than waste a perfectly good bottle of champagne, we’re christening the mobile stage right here on the website! The official name is… “The Trade City Popwagon.” Special thanks to everyone who participated in the naming survey. We had many many great names to choose from, but this one seemed to encapsulate everything we’re going for. Let’s see where it takes us!