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Popwagon at CicLAvia 10/6/13


Sunday October 6 is CicLAvia – the magical event where certain L.A.roads are closed, cars disappear and cyclists get together for a wild ride.

The folks at the Music Center invited the Popwagon to be a part of their Lines + Lanes festivities at the Grand Park hub in the center of the “Heart of L.A.” route.

For our contribution, we created YOU ARE HERE HERE HERE, a tele-presence experiment aboard the Popwagon that allows you to be in three places at once. Using a constant three-way video feed between the Popwagon, the Macarthur Park hub and a spot along the route, the piece will provide a unique way for participants to connect with one another and experience the event from multiple vantage points.

Video-conferencing technology has been around for a while, but most of us are still growing accustomed to this ability to transport many aspects of our “selves” across space. Your tone of voice, your physical characteristics, your sense of sight and hearing can cross vast distances with the touch of a button. As our identities become less and less tied to our physical bodies, how does this impact our experience of the spaces we inhabit and move through?
YOU ARE HERE HERE HERE invites Angelenos to explore these questions in a playful setting that augments the theme of civic connectivity embodied by Grand Park and the CicLAvia event.

We’ll be operating from 11AM-3PM in Grand Park between Broadway and Spring. Come by and say hi!

(Click here for a map)