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Why Did You Sleep with So Many Human People?


Some young, wild, and provocative playwrights have gotten together to share some new one-acts that explore why we love what we love. It’s a one night stand with talking beds, gigolo apes and a guy named Elvis.

Here’s the lineup:

written by Will Arbery • directed by Sofya Weitz
An elderly monkey prostitute meets the client who may be the death of him.
Featuring: Juan Amador, Jenn Kirk & Mariana Morgon

written by Sofya Weitz • directed by Will Arbery
A musician named Elvis invites a young girl with a baby to come stay with him and his wife.
Featuring: Jake Weary, Lola Kelly & Robyn Littleworth

written & directed by Mara De La Rosa
A man on his death bed is consoled by his death bed.
Featuring: McCready Baker & Ted Jonas

written & directed by Mariana Morgon
In the future, a young man tries to come to terms with the fact that his lover is sexually attracted to corners.
Featuring: Kestrel Leah, Julian Evens & Whitney Mongomery

Costume design by Josh La Cour
Scenic design by Naomi Kasahara Hamill


August 29-30th at 8PM

Pollution Studios
1531 Grande Vista Ave (North Lot)
Downtown Los Angeles

Street Parking on Pico.

Tickets are $10 at the door or to reserve your spot/pay with a credit card:


Video from Jeepney’s Bowling with Aliens

Here’s a video from the Popwagon appearance on May 11, 2013 at the All Star Lanes bowling alley.
Jeepneys and alien friends host a celestial bowling party, followed by a parking lot performance of interstellar sounds and movements in The Popwagon, a mobile venue transformed into a vibrant tropical spaceship just for the occasion.
Camera: Youssef Biaz, Ian Byers-Gamber
Editor: Ian Byers-Gamber

Thanks to Machine Project for the video.

Project Reliquiae


For Project Reliquiae, Trade City Production Manager Kris Swick (aka: kswick) is constructing a crowd-sourced, sculptural archive of objects that have been rendered obsolete by technology. He is currently collecting relics and the stories that accompany them from interested participants. The sculpture will be displayed on the Popwagon in the coming months. Check out the website for the project and contribute an item from your home that has been replaced by your computer.


Exquisite E Pluribus Unum

On Friday 11/2 and Thursday 11/3, video artist Michael Richison will present an election-related piece that re-mixes and re-contextualizes the talking heads and talking points we’ve all been subjected over the past months.

The piece will be shown aboard the Popwagon in Venice.
On, Friday evening, at around 6, We’ll be in the vicinity of Abbott Kinney for First Fridays.
On Saturday night, starting at 6 we’ll be cruising around 1916 Lincoln Blvd., then making a stop at the Electric Lodge (1416 Electric Ave)

From the artist:
Exquisite E Pluribus Unum, is equal parts VJ performance, non-partisan political rally, art performance, improvised sound bed and video installation. The title of this performance comes from two places. The first is exquisite corpse, a collaborative game that was originally played by surrealist painters and poets, and e pluribus unum, one of several slogans used by the United States meaning “one out of many.” The two parts of the title are an appropriate description of the process, as the piece endeavors to capture the spirit of exquisite corpse in both its visual and linguistic components. Through the manipulation of the videos, the imagery and language are re-edited and abstracted, often with humorous and unexpected results.

Catch The Popwagon at TEDxSocal

The Popwagon has been invited to be a part of the TEDxSoCal Conference on Saturday, July 14. We’ll be presenting a new work by puppeteer-miniaturist-storytellers Miriam Jones and DanRae Wilson.

In L.A. SameWay, DanRae and Miriam frame a day in Los Angeles. Mixing cantastoria with miniatures and live performers, DanRae and Miriam will reflect on the minutea and routine that make up daily living. Stop by and we’ll give you 24 hours in just a couple minutes!

We’ll be parked outside the Center Theater located at 300 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, 90802.

Performances will take place during registration from 8:00AM – 9:00AM and during the lunch break from 12:30-2:30PM.

(Special thanks to: Matt Barbier, Julia Hiser, Zoe Gopnik McManus, Nick Shoob, and Kris Swick)

Upcoming Pop-Up Concert

The Way-Down-Lows rehearsing

The Way-Down-Lows rehearsing on the Popwagon

On Saturday, June 3 at 8PM, the Popwagon will be making an impromptu appearance with our first-ever pop-up concert. We’ll be parked somewhere on the 8800 block of Washington in Culver City. Listen for the acoustic stylings of Hard Sun and the melodious twangings of The-Way-Down-Lows.

Here’s an idea: Hop on the Expo Line and take it to the brand new Culver City stop. Head West on Washington and enjoy some spontaneous music under the streetlights.

For updates on this fancy event, follow along on Twitter @TradeCityLA.

Join Us for Our Grand Opening!

We’re pleased to announce that the Popwagon will be having it’s grand opening on Saturday, April 28! We’ll be parked downtown at Figueroa and 7th street taking part in the opening festivities for the Metro Expo line.

Help us cut the ribbon, then stick around for some artistic surprises curated by long-time Trade City collaborator Paloma Parfrey.

  • A dance performance by Movement Movement -choreographed by Mecca Vazie Andrews
  • Some Low-Fi Disco Punk by Sister Mantos
  • Experimental percussion and environmental jazz by Corey Fogel
  • Rio Parfrey playing classic children’s folk music on appalachian dulcimer
  • Solar beats by SYCONS
  • Street Buddy – an Anti-Rock entity of shifting shapes and perspectives
  • Puppetry by Coral & Sherry
  • A Performance by Paloma Parfrey

Here’s the Facebook Event Page.