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Catch The Popwagon at TEDxSocal

The Popwagon has been invited to be a part of the TEDxSoCal Conference on Saturday, July 14. We’ll be presenting a new work by puppeteer-miniaturist-storytellers┬áMiriam Jones and DanRae Wilson.

In L.A. SameWay, DanRae and Miriam frame a day in Los Angeles. Mixing cantastoria with miniatures and live performers, DanRae and Miriam will reflect on the minutea and routine that make up daily living. Stop by and we’ll give you 24 hours in just a couple minutes!

We’ll be parked outside the Center Theater located at 300 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, 90802.

Performances will take place during registration from 8:00AM – 9:00AM and during the lunch break from 12:30-2:30PM.

(Special thanks to: Matt Barbier, Julia Hiser, Zoe Gopnik McManus, Nick Shoob, and Kris Swick)

Pop-Up Concert Recap

On Saturday, June 30, the Popwagon made an appearance in Culver City at Higuera and Lindblade. This was the first time we took it out and just parked without making prior arrangements. We knew we had some music to play, and a fine stage to play it on, but we didn’t know where exactly we’d be or who would be there to watch.

The plan was to play somewhere near Royal/T on Washington Blvd. since we knew there’d be a crowd gathered for their farewell party, and because it was close to the new Culver City metro stop. At around 6, Jerry Flanagan (bassist for Hard Sun) took a drive around the general vicinity and found that the lots we had originally scoped out were being used by valets for some other event. Not wanting to mess with valets (who are known to be vicious about parking spots), we went around the corner and found an empty lot where we could park without a lot of trouble.

At 7:30, the rest of the musicians arrived, we started the generator and did a quick sound check. By 8:00 the lights were on and the show began. As our two bands, Hard Sun and The Way-Down-Lows played along to the sunset, fans gathered around, passers-by stopped to listen, and drivers stopped their cars to see what was going on.

By the end of the evening, we had made quite a few new friends, entertained a curious crowd, and learned that you can indeed hold a concert in a parking spot. Thanks to everyone who participated!