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Project Reliquiae: Urban Picnic June 8


Join us during Northeast LA’s June Art Walk as we build RELIQUIAE!

Contributors will have the opportunity to hang their own relics within the sculpture. They can meet their neighbors and swap stories about how technology has changed their lives. KSWICK will invite participants and visitors to make themselves feel at home within and around the sculpture, seated at the dinner table over a cup of coffee or some local grub.
Following the Picnic, independent duo 22 Kings will perform live from within the sculpture!

There’s still time to submit your relics from the analog age via project drop-boxes distributed throughout northeastern Los Angeles.

Project Reliquiae


For Project Reliquiae, Trade City Production Manager Kris Swick (aka: kswick) is constructing a crowd-sourced, sculptural archive of objects that have been rendered obsolete by technology. He is currently collecting relics and the stories that accompany them from interested participants. The sculpture will be displayed on the Popwagon in the coming months. Check out the website for the project and contribute an item from your home that has been replaced by your computer.


Bowling with Aliens!



The multi-disciplinary artist, Jeepneys, will perform a one-night only site-specific performance entitled “Bowling with Aliens” at All Star Lanes Bowling Alley on May 11th 2013, as part of the Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture. The performance begins at 8:00pm when Jeepneys and other “aliens” including the infamous BIG BUGS will throw a celestial bowling party which will be free and open to the public. Come bowl with aliens!

The bowling will be followed by a musical performance by Jeepneys in the PopWagon underneath the stars. PopWagon is LA’s newest mobile venue operated by Trade-City. For this not-to-be-missed performance, Jeepneys will transform the PopWagon into a vibrant tropical spaceship and perform a set of interstellar sounds and movements. She intends to blast you into another dimension, be ready to board the ship!

Visit the facebook event page